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Spears realized through her work on the show she was born to be a singer. I Did It Again”, “Lucky”, and “Stronger” she catapulted on the national pop music scene.In 1999, sher released her debut album, …Baby One More Time, when she was just 17 years old. Soon after she began dating her New Mickey Mouse Club alum and N’Sync member, Justin Timberlake, which put the two in celebrity reports all over the country.Five years later she launched her first tour entitled ‘The Onyx Hotel Tour’ which sold out venues all over country.

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Sam and Dean have dozens of fake identities, most of them drawn from rock music and movies.

They are tools of the hunting trade, and are also used by other hunters including John, Bobby and Rufus and sometimes, demons.

May double as a Stalker With a Crush or Prince Charming Wannabe.

Compare Friend Versus Lover for another strained triangular constellation.

In his kitchen Bobby has a wall of at least five cordless phones in the kitchen, each labeled with a different government agency and alias.

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