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His inclusion of Steve Mulder’s Remix of “The Bells” by Trevor Rockcliffe ensured everyone submitted to temptation and engaged in a timely head-bopping frenzy.

Now over half-a-day into this unrivalled techno marathon, Diynamic boss Solomun graced us with his presence on Floor 3.

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However we had anticipated this having seen countless groups en route to Maimarkthalle flaunting traditional black techno uniform from head-to-toe.

Having queued and purchased tokens for drinks, off we went in search of fuelling our techno addictions with an alluring dose of Nina Kraviz on a gargantuan Floor 1.

Next on our agenda was Innervisions boss, Dixon, on Floor 4.

Manoeuvring our way through a very diverse European crowd, we had arrived just in time for the Berlin bakery owner to commence his set and he was received splendidly.

Upon entering, seizer-inducing blue laser beams rained down from the dark skies above showering the crowd leaving many overwhelmed.

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