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Alert Manager am = new Alert Manager(Portal Context. The example in figure 3 shows that the user created an alert for the Events list in the portal site. You have one additional property you can override in the class. The Portal channel is not doing anything with the incoming data. The goal of the Quick Alerts channel is to display a toast on the client computer by using a small .

NET Framework, you can write code to program MSN Messenger to display your own alerts.

Unfortunately, with Microsoft Alerts, you must send the alert result first to the Microsoft Alert Web service before the actual user gets to see the alert result.

Microsoft MSN® Messenger is a good example of an application that uses alerts.

Using the Microsoft Alerts Version 6.0 SDK for the .

(16 printed pages) Introduction Starting with the Delivery Channel Class Subscribing to an Alert Alerts Web Parts How Users Get Notified Creating the Quick Alerts Delivery Channel Deploying the Custom Channel Using the Quick Alerts Channel Customizing the New Alert Page Conclusion Additional Resources About the Author Visitors to Microsoft® Office Share Point® Portal Server portal or team sites surely are aware of the Alert Me link.

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