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Immersed in the overwhelming trend of globalization, China has already become the "world factory".Clothes are stitched in China, toys are made in China and electronic equipments are assembled in China.

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The term migrant worker is used to refer to individuals who enter The United States or another country legally or illegally as temporary or seasonal workers, typically in agriculture such as pineapple farmers, or in semi-skilled or unskilled industries such as hotel maids or waiters. [tags: Migrant Workers] - Chen Hong Xia is one of the 250 million migrants in China’s growing economy.

These migrant workers are the people who support China’s whole economy, without them China will not be where it is now.

(Hondagneu-Sotelo 117-119) One Latina live-in, Margarita Gutierrez, a former secretary in Mexico City, states, “I never thought that I would come to this country to experience hunger.” (Hondagneu-Sotelo 119) Employers conventionally have no food in the cupboards or buy food, concretely for the children....

[tags: california, culture, latina, iranian women] - Few are chosen and once when you get a chance it is considered a chance of a lifetime since the competition is held once every four years, world cup.

This is exactly the situation Qatar found themselves in as they were announced to be the hosts of the coveted competition for the 2022 world cup by Fifa in competition to host the tournament with the US, Japan, Australia and South Korea.

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