Online counselling sex addiction

Do you feel you eat more than you need to or want to?

Have you ever wondered if your feelings are driving your eating behaviour?

If you can answer yes to these questions or you have experienced...

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But if you remember one of the classic definitions of addiction, which is to pursue a behavior compulsively in spite of negative consequences, then relationship addiction fits the description.

Relationship addiction can be one of the hardest behaviors to break, because the person experiencing it – and others – may not recognize it as a destructive, compulsive behavior.

For example, driving by his/her home to see if s/he’s there, and with whom; lurking on Facebook or other social media, monitoring conversations and connections; phoning him/her then hanging up.

If the addicted person suspects or learns their former partner has a new love interest, they feel devastated, and imagine that this new person is getting something they never got, i.e.

It was a romantic, whirlwind relationship where they wanted to be together every minute of the day.

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