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This position is responsible for providing management and overall safety, continuity and effective operation of a 24/7, twelve-unit, 30 day, DV emergency shelter, based in Seattle, WA.

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Everyone can make a difference, and we are here to support your involvement on any level!

The Salvation Army DV Program is seeking a Program Manager for its domestic violence emergency shelter. I hope this day of ghosts, goblins, and pumpkins galore finds you delighting in the bounty of fall.

Asexual people do not make a choice to be asexual any more than gay people make a choice to be gay and so on, and it isn’t a case of them being unable to have sex.

Some people give asexual people credit for “saving themselves” or “exercising self-control”, but there’s nothing to save or control. The purpose of life is to procreate – you must be ill or damaged in some way. Some people take evolutionary theory – or their religious book of choice – to extremes!

First off, a definition: at its most fundamental level, asexuality is the absence of sexual attraction.

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