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They weren't going to hold back and make it goody-goody like a science lesson.

The first time they had sex with me watching was in our TV room.

I had dreaded that moment but it was such a horny thing at the same time. He had his back on the sofa and mom was turned towards him sideways.

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She growled, "Lick my asshole." After a few seconds, "Holy fuck. Let me just run my fingers all around your hot pussy while I'm fucking your mom." I could hear Frank's torso slap into mom's ass as he drilled her. He twirled his thumb around my asshole and his index fingertip around my clit. We three all came at the same time moaning and screaming a blue streak. Mom and Frank make sex a very natural and good thing. without that fact making it any less sensuous than if her step dad had fucked her.

That is so fucking great." Oh heavens, I never expected words like that streaming out of my mom's mouth. " Mom hesitated, thought about my request for a couple of seconds then realizing my distress said over her shoulder, "Frank, our sweetheart needs you to relieve the lust in her young pussy. " "I don't know if that's right." The fucker wanted me to beg. Part three, though very short, was arousing in the extreme for the combination of overcoming the forbidden, skirting on the edge as a mother is forced to face the reality of her daughter becoming a junior partner in the sex act between her and her husband and accepting it fully.

He had a devilish grin on his face as she kissed up under his ear in submission.

He gave a brazen wink of his eye and my face burned in a huge blush as I instantly knew this was going to be the night when they would have sex with me watching.

The smell of sexual juices, hers and mine filled the air.

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