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Chinese 9d Bi collinear connected direct to Uputronics Pre-amp/Filter & NESDR TCXO SDR (all in loft at present) then via short USB to RPi 2B, feeding into OGN network - OGN-Relay provided by Pilot Aware RF Transceiver combined into unit & actuated only by & to local Pilot Aware Traffic means it is working normally Statistics are for the 5 minute period preceding the time displayed. Thank you in advance for updating the information about the OGN receivers you are hosting.

If you can, please attach some photos directly or (if you prefer) link to your photo gallery. Below, a ready-to-copy-and-paste line of code for your new receiver.

All you need is to to copy and paste into existing table for your country, replace the APRSNAME (with the name of your station) and put a few words for the description. || || # APRSNAME[* APRSNAME] || Description|| || image subject=OGN receiver: APRSNAME | Your Name] || Note: Although we have enough disk space (15Gb, which hopefully should be OK for some time;-), when attaching photos to this page, please keep their sizes "reasonable" and preferably in PNG format.

They’ll usual have a fixed LED colour, or a built-in effect that is often quite limited.

Even then, they can be fairly expensive solutions when it comes to lighting a full chassis.

Taking the production at the annual trade show to the next level, the stage setup will not only highlight the dozens of seminars and performances taking place throughout the event’s four days, but also showcase ADJ’s latest cutting-edge fixtures. ADJ Lighting is pleased to announce that from today – December 20, 2017 – the Livella Brand Group will be providing sales support for the ADJ product range to new and existing customers throughout the Midwestern region of the United States.

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