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interview, he mentioned in passing that he and his girlfriend of five years, Ahna O’Reilly, had broken up.He claimed it was because he was concentrating on his studies at Yale and she just couldn’t handle his brilliance anymore (I’m paraphrasing). In the August issue of Playboy magazine, Oscars cohost and 127 Hours star James Franco suggests that he and actress Ahna O’Reilly recently ended their five-year relationship because of his hectic schedule. “I think that was it for her.” Another likely factor?

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When the trailer for The Interview, about a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un was released, North Korea issued a statement that releasing the film would be a “war action”.

Sony refused to pull the film, although the chief executive of Sony in Tokyo, Kazuo Hirai, argued for some cuts to be made.

And whereas a lot of actors would rest in between times, possibly spending their money, Franco has been making art.

As a director he seems to revel in impossible adaptations.

But it’s also perfectly possible that James Franco was screwing around on his girlfriend with a hipster model and really, isn’t that just a typical douchey Hollywood move? That’s gauche and common and not worthy of such a brilliant artist like FRANCO.

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