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But she met this first challenge and learned to advocate for herself, ‘using my voice’ to get transferred from that unit to the Pediatric Emergency Room where she was allowed to shadow an RN, Lauren, on her rounds.

Jadyn came out of her WISE experience all the more focused and looking forward to the years of preparation ahead of her.

She expressed her gratitude to WISE, which enabled her to have this experience, and to all those who supported her through it, including her mentor, social studies teacher and chairperson, Jordan Turner (pictured here with Jadyn) as well as WISE English teacher, Susan Phalen, and Joe Harley, Clarkstown North’s WISE Coordinator.

It was an effective strategy that brought across both the urgency and wide variety of cases that she had seen during her time in the ER.

WISE truly prepared her well to begin her studies in college as she goes on to become an RN.

In 1839, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that two constant tones, played at slightly different frequencies in each ear, cause the listener to perceive the sound of a fast-paced beat.

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