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Benjy said that the person Gary thinks talked to him this morning isn't the person he spoke to. Gary said he's had conversations with Benjy on the Wrap Up Show and he had one about bestiality and he got into that on the show and it was tough to talk to him about. The dog barked out Benjy's age in barks but Howard gave up on the bit in the middle of the count. He said he had a box in his mail and he wondered what the fuck this box was. He said he finally gets it open and he looks to see who it's from.

He said he had a long term lease that ended in October. Howard asked the dog some questions about living in the dorm and what that's like. He was also growling about Benjy's penis when he was asked about that. Howard spent a few minutes asking the dog questions about how old Benjy is and things like that. He said he went home after he show feeling like shit yesterday. Howard said he would have been less annoyed if there was a human head in the box. Benjy said he has always sent flowers on New Years and they depress him. Benjy said that Beth will eat one a day from what he heard.

Howard said he didn't do any work or do any phone calls.

Howard said he picked up a John Varley painting for $500.

He said that he doesn't know who he's playing against. Robin said they aren't worried about their ranking. Howard said the guy he left the paintings to had a fire so a lot of his paintings were lost.

Jason said he would have said Brent in the beginning but he did point out that he and Gary have a similar style on the air. Howard said maybe Shuli and Benjy or Shuli and Brent or Brent or Shuli by themselves. Gary said they're going to go commiserate with the team after this. He said as much of a douche Benjy is he'd love to hear that. Brent said he goes off in the weeds and no one can follow him. Howard said he wants to do what's best for the show. Gary said that Brent might be the better one to do that. Gary said they're supposed to talk about what happened on the show today and Benjy won't do that. Howard took another one from a guy who said they should have Benjy. Howard took a call from Ben-She who voted for Benjy. He said he's going to do some commercials and take more votes and that will be the end of it.

He said that he could go on thinking he'll be great. She said that Shuli might be the better guy to wrangle Benjy. Howard said no one has cared about the Wrap Up Show so much before. Howard took a call from a guy who said they need Brent in there to ruin the show.

“Well, the presence of Gloria Allred doesn’t help anyone’s case,” Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News, even as he acknowledged the severity of the accusations.

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