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Rose approaches Derek after the surgery, Callie tells Tricia that her injury could be a gift, and Hahn asks Cristina to get the entire CT scan. Meredith tells Phillip and his wife about the tumor. Dixon explains to Bailey and Cristina how the hugging technique works. Bailey and Cristina reluctantly stop hugging Dixon.

Cristina arrives to see a new sign and new people at Seattle Grace.

Alex presents a pregnant car accident victim to Arizona. Arizona carefully operates on Wallace, Charles assists.

The song plays as Mark, Hahn, and the Chief sit in the cafeteria. Cristina and Callie sit and gossip about Izzie and George, Tricia's fellow cheerleaders visit her in the hospital, and Marissa says goodbye to Danny before his surgery to remove the pencil. Cristina reads Ellis' journal while Owen sleeps with his head on her lap.

The song plays as Izzie throws Emma and Janie out of Danny's room. Phillip laughs when Richard tells him his brother is dead.

Mark apologizes to Alex, realizing Alex just slept with Lexie.

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